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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sambar Powder Recipe

Watch in youtube here: http://youtu.be/CWPyTlEISoI

2 cups coriander or dhania seeds
1/4 cup of tur dal
1/4 cup dry red chili
1/4 cup channa dal
1 tbs fenugreek or methi seeds
1 tbs black pepper
a few dry curry leaves (optional)

Preparation: Dry roast all of the ingredients separately in medium high heat, let it cool to room temperature and powder.

Sambar powder is the main ingredient that gives sambar its special flavor and taste.  In my opinion it is the worlds best spice mixture.  The spices are roasted just right to bring out the perfect flavor.  Variations of sambar powder is used to spice up dals and vegetables.  Sambar originated from Southern India, it is now popular all over India.  There are many brands of sambar powder available for purchase.  The advantage of making sambar powder at home is that, you can make them fresh as needed and in small quantities.

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Sambar dal soup made with powder

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Author: Mallika Viswanathan
Category: Vegetarian Recipe


  1. Your video is very helpful to me. However, could you give us the measurements in milliliters (ml)? It would be helpful if you first take the ingredients in a standard U.S. measuring cup, and clearly show us the level until which the cup is filled in ml, before pouring them into the bowls you have shown. If you complete this deficiency, everything else is good after that. Thanks.

    1. The measurement used here is 1 cup will hold 250 ml water, 1/4 cup will hold 62.5 ml of water. I hope that helps. Thank you for your comment.

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